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Naples Flooring Company

Choosing products at Naples Flooring Company’s exclusive new location on 3rd Street South is an immersive experience for exceptional clients. From the forest-themed ceiling and hand-painted butterfly art, to custom display panels and white-glove service, Naples Flooring offers it all.

It’s hard to imagine the award-winning flooring specialists resetting the bar on the ultimate in showrooms, but owners Cristian and Laurie Longo have done just that.

“This gallery is designed for our most discriminating clients. We chose this location because most of our clients live nearby. Everything here is custom-made and reflects the quality and discernment we bring to our clients’ homes,” says Cristian.

That commitment goes far beyond exceptional service and caring for clients – it also includes a dedication to sustainable foresting practices. The gallery offers a very special flooring made from certified 200-year-old French white oak trees that produce exceptionally wide and long planks of 19 inches by 14 feet. Each tree is felled only with the permission of a French government program that ensures each tree is at the end of its lifecycle and isn’t the result of clear-felling. The removed trees allow for additional canopy light to sustain growth in younger saplings.

The 3rd Street gallery is the second location for Naples Flooring, following the ongoing success of their 3,800 square foot gallery on 5th Avenue South. That location is already renowned for its beauty, but has a new rival, adds Laurie.

“People say we’re at the top of the industry and the best in the city. But as a company, we will always try to better ourselves.”


Pictured, from left: Maciej Dogiel, Laurie Longo, Cristian Longo, Frank Bennett


1389 3rd Street South, Naples, FL 34102
900 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102
Coming soon: 7545 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138
T: 239.263.1213