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Kristen Williams
Designer | Developer

Raised on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Kristen Williams learned at an early age what it meant to work hard in her family’s businesses, both within her hometown and on Nantucket. Strong values, a seaside lifestyle and a hard-working mindset helped shape her personal vision for life.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame University, followed by a career of 20 plus years in banking and finance, she steered her career towards her love of design.

Since then, Kristen has founded her own real estate and design partnership, she’s become a principal in a regional design magazine and a partner in a real estate brokerage firm.

Kristen is inspired by design and driven by her obsession with creating spaces that people will love to come home to. She handles historic homes, renovations and new construction, and while she loves the challenges and rewards of working with all, historic homes have a special place in her heart. Her designs have been locally and nationally recognized with prestigious awards.

“I love working with homeowners to create a home that reflects their personality. People will often recognize my style in a home because of the unique use of old and new. Whether the home is contemporary, traditional or has a cottage feel, people tell me they can recognize my style – simply because it makes them smile.”

Giving back to the people and organizations that make a community whole is of paramount importance to Kristen. To name a few, she supports: addiction and recovery programs; women, children and families in crisis; and homelessness.

Pictured: Kristen Williams

P.O. Box 2544, Naples, FL 34106